My name is Ovi Bogdan. I am a CG artist working out of Los Angeles, CA. My experience is extensive and varied in my field, and I always look forward to tackling a challenge with fresh perspective and enthusiasm. My skill set is diverse as a freelancer. I have lead teams, consulted on challenging projects, help start a department, and brought projects from concept to completion. I am a well-versed generalist, a problem-solving enthusiast, and a specialist in CG automotive illustration lighting and rendering.

I’m available for freelance both on and off-site, with the ability to come on board as part of a team, lead a team, or create a team for full service projects out of my personal studio.

Capabilities include:

  • Problem solving
  • Lighting
  • Compositing
  • Retouching
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Dynamics
  • Environment Creation
  • 3D Typography
  • CG and Photography integration
  • Creation of high res print quality imagery

For more information on my experience and capabilities please find me on LinkedIn

Before we found Ovi, we had a very difficult time locating a CG artist who had both technical abilities as well as a strong aesthetic sensibility. Ovi holds the perfect combination. He has a refined artistic style and an ability to push the limits with CGI explorations. He also works very well with our creatives. Ovi's opinion is highly regarded, as our team trusts both his technical and creative judgement. He is a dedicated and hard worker, who I would gladly recommend to any agency or design group looking for a CG artist.

Anna Gatewood, Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Ovi is an excellent 3d generalist that excels in photo-realistic imagery. It was an enormous benefit to have on board an expert lighting artist, versatile enough to tackle any aspect of cgi production. He quickly became the 'goto' guy for troubleshooting technical and logistical issues. Ovi is exceptionally professional and a pleasure to work with.

Don Libby, eVox Productions

Ovi is the swiss-army-knife of 3D. He has proven himself as a stellar texture artist and lighter, but has a surprisingly wide skill-set which includes rigging and animation. Ovi thrives when faced with new challenges and enjoys problem solving for the team. The best part is that he is incredibly humble and a pleasure to work with, something not often found with 3D rock stars!

Denis Shin, VFX Supervisor